Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, founders of Innovative Fuel Technologies, LLC.

Randy and his wife, Wendy Lewis, drive to create opportunities brought them together as friends and as business partners 21 years ago. Today, they own and operate a world-wide company based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, that ships the IFT Advanced Fuel Technology to over 215 countries, spanning 4 continents,

and has saved countless miles-per-gallon in fuel costs to motorists and reduced fuel consumption to big industries wracked by rising gasoline costs around the globe.

When they met, Randy was selling medical computer systems, and Wendy’s medical services firm was a customer. Though he sold her a system that worked, it wasn't’ quite up to her standards, yet the two remained in touch. Wendy later ventured into doing consulting work, and around the same time, Randy decided to move on from the company he was working for and go into his own business selling computer systems. Together, they contacted a particular manufacturer of medical software to suggest an improvement, and the two went into business together.

Their first business together was Automated Medical Systems Consultants (AMSC), a business which grew to become the top Medical Manager dealer in the United States. Out of roughly 450 other such companies, AMSC was number one in sales and service, and stayed there for six years running. After selling that business, Wendy and Randy moved on to their next project – Alpha Computer Services, a spinoff from the hardware department at AMSC. It quickly took the 184 spot on the INC 500 list of the fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S. Wendy and Randy sold that company to investors in 1995.

IFT is currently shipping to over 215 countries around the world, and maintains offices in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and The United Kingdom.

While it’s a thriving business, IFT is a labor of love for Wendy and Randy.

“Our vision is that we provide people around the world with a solution to ever-rising fuel costs by decreasing engine fuel consumption and reducing harmful engine hydro carbon green house gases thereby, reducing the demand for fossil fuel.

If we do reduce our usage and get more miles to the gallon, that actually cuts down as a nation on the importation of foreign oil, which is a serious issue for our country.”

“Beyond providing economic and environmental benefits, we want to provide a sound business opportunity for people who want to be involved in it,” adds Randy.

Though they remain strong business partners, Wendy and Randy are first and foremost life partners. Married shortly after creating their first business venture, they apply their individual talents to different parts of the business. Randy, always sales-oriented, focuses on marketing and sales for the company. Wendy is more comfortable overseeing company operations

Originally from Philadelphia, Wendy has two children from a previous marriage, Scott and Kym. Scott currently works with Wendy and Randy and serves as the IFT Director of Compliance, and recently began studying for his masters degree in human resources at Rollins College in Florida. Kym works in Washington, DC., for the advertising firm Young & Rubicam. Randy has three children, also from a previous marriage. Cynthia, the eldest, works in administration for a telephone interconnection business. Rhonda owns her own business, a nail salon. Melissa is a teacher who is currently at home with her children. All three currently live in Florida.

Working as closely as they do, the pair’s focus on family naturally affects their business outlook. Wendy and Randy consider the IFT Company staff and sales team members their extended family.

“We’re not just providing a cost-effective remedy to rising fuel costs,” Randy adds. “We’re doing this for our kids and grand kids and everybody else’s kids. This is the world they live in, we need to protect and maintain it now.”

A Message From Randy Ray & Wendy Lewis

We are unusual in this industry industry because:

  • We own our own office building (22,000 + Sq. Feet)
  • We own our own Computer Servers
  • We have a Fiber direct-connection to the internet
  • We have our Customer Support and have native language speakers for other countries in customer support.
  • We do our own shipping
  • We have our own Programming Staff
  • We are DEBT-FREE, and well financed
  • Our product is manufactured in Florida, and our company is in Florida

We believe in Honesty, Integrity and Fairness in all our dealings.

Together Everyone Achieves More!

Very Best Regards, Randy & Wendy