Jerry Lang
Innovative Fuel Technologies, LLC
Combustion Analysis

Jerry Lang has more than 40 years of combustion experience and a strong background in refining processes. As the owner and operator of Jerry Lang Combustion Consulting, he is currently designing and overseeing combustion projects for four refineries, including efforts to lower emissions and improve

efficiencies. Mr. Lang has served as a combustion consultant to virtually all of the major oil companies and 95% of the refineries, including

At Exxon, Mr. Lang developed ways to improve efficiency by retrofitting the tankers of the company. He also served as the combustion auditor to Chevron on their Richmond Nitrous Oxide (Nox) Reduction Project, worth in excess of $300 million. In addition, Mr. Lang has completed projects in Norway and is currently contributing to an ongoing project in Qatar.

In 1967, Mr. Lang established his own business where he developed and patented several products related to combustion and incineration. He also served as Manager of Combustion Systems for Howe Baker Engineers where he helped develop ways to improve refining operations. Mr. Lang was also recruited by Dr. Edward Teller, the primary developer of the hydrogen bomb, for four years on an alternate fuels project doing combustion tests.

Mr. Lang has extensive experience designing equipment utilized in reducing emissions from stationary sources such as refineries, power plants, and industrial operations. He also contributed to the development of the equipment used during the clean up of the Alaska oil spill. Over the years he has also done work on systems to improve mileage in automobiles, such as installing a vaporizer in the exhaust to vaporize the gasoline prior to intake and working on steam injection in automobiles.

Mr. Lang holds 17 patents, including 13 combustion-related patents. Three of his patented emission reduction processes have been sold all around the world. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.